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COMMAND STEPPERS! has grown to become one of the premier Steppers and Line Dance organizations in the State of Minnesota.  Bringing fun, fitness and an aerobic style workout to the dance. The community absolutely LOVES it!

We’ve contributed to over 250 new steppers in the Minnesota area and have over 90 active members in our dance organization.  

featuring J. MOST is taught by Twin Cities-Own Urban Soul/R&B Artist who has shown a strong commitment, love and passion for the unique, sophisticated dance form called Chicago-Style 8-Count Steppin!

periodically utilizes talented Master Steppers from across the country to assist in training. The benefit? You get the opportunity to experience many different styles and techniques as you "make the dance your own"!

have studied the dance extensively and derived a program that promises to be a quick and enjoyable way of learning this unique, jazzed-up ballroom dance! Even though Steppin' is a partner dance you don't need a partner to learn how to step at COMMAND STEPPERS!

unique teaching approach will teach Beginners a solid understanding of the mechanics of the dance, the "Basic 8 Count", basic turns and moves while instilling the LOVE for the dance! Beginner/Intermediate dancers will be introduced to leading/following with intermediate turns and moves.

COMMAND STEPPERS! now has an expanded community of intermediate steppers, however will sometimes   contract the services of their Mentors and Master Steppers throughout the National Stepping Community to enhance your overall dance allowing the dancer to exude that next level of confidence and finesse.


If you Wanna learn to STEP your wish is our COMMAND!

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